What we ALL believe and how we ALL operate!

The performing and fine arts concept is an amazing phenomenon that is found in every culture in the world. It is a powerful tool that can assist in our world's creative development. The Arts can build self-esteem and foster greater discipline. Through these various artistic expressions, individuals can explore emotions, learn to comprehend abstract ideas, acquire restraint and convey creativity. Clearly, there are many advantages that accompany this marvel we call art.

The performing and fine arts segment requires additional time outside of an academic environment. Through teamwork, dedication and hard work, the performing arts world can be a highly rewarding experience. There are few things in life that are as gratifying as giving a stellar enactment where you have worked your hardest to communicate your passion and imaginations. It is a goal of the National Singers, Musicians and Arts Conference (SMAC) to provide its attendees with these opportunities. SMAC participants will achieve much greater success having been enriched from attending The SMAC Educational Forums and Workshops. Not only do the partakers of the performing arts arena compete better scholastically, but by attending SMAC, it also helps them to mature spiritually and become better citizens within our community. Some of the core characteristics are found in celebrated performing artist are discipline, teamwork, dedication, self-awareness and leadership. These attributes are not only found in the National Singers, Musicians and Arts Conference, but SMAC encourages them to enhance the development of natural leaders and productive citizens for our society.

The above philosophy also includes the various categories of Dance; with Mime', Hip-Hop and Liturgical for our Arts creativity. As our students and conference participants venture into the workshops and seminars, they begin to get a greater understanding of how the art of dancing and arrangements can enhance a church service. This genre also educates the participants in the significance of movement as it relates to the interpretation of the spoken/sung Word of God or Gospel, to translate it into a greater in-depth understanding of the specifics of this arena for the performing arts. Come to a full understanding of the call on your gift with the enactment of the dance and the various aspects of this theatrical arena.