Singing, Dancing, Image, Business, Producing, Writing and More. Take A Pick!
Activity Type: Workshop

This workshop is designed to provide useful information essential to every aspiring singer by utilizing voice exercise and coaching. The various musical genres within the industry will be highlighted. Specific topics to be taught are:

⊕ Praise and Worship - the specific song choices and how to make them effective in worship, connecting to the morning message, etc.
⊕ Choir Decorum - what is etiquette and how does it work?
⊕ Polished Image - did you know that image is everything? This includes: Hygiene, what to wear, how to present yourself, and the list goes on.
⊕ Vocal Training and Exercise - protect your instrument, protect your gift! Breathing is essential and fundamental. Also, the scarf has a purpose, use it!
⊕ Choir Directing - the songs for your choir - is this a genre your choir can properly present? Also, effective direction/directing - do they follow you?

Activity Type: Workshop
Instructors: Tracey Underwood

This workshop will incorporate/explore selected dance art forms with a basic dance technique (skills) and movement improvisation to demonstrate how dance can be an integral part of a worship service and increase the congregation’s involvement in the move of the Spirit with the varying dance selections. The areas of dance to be targeted are:

⊕ What is the purpose for the dance?
⊕ How is the dance related to the Worship Experience?
⊕ Dance education â€" Hip-Hop, Mime’, Liturgical, and more.
⊕ Improv and Interpretation of the worship.
⊕ Exhibitions and Demonstrations of each art form.

Activity Type: Workshop

Musicians Mentorship. This workshop is structured to give up-and-coming musicians guidelines and inroads to the gospel music industry and what to expect to encounter. The topics of discussion or instruction are, but not limited to:

⊕ Is this Really Your Passion?
⊕ What the Industry is all about and how to Get a Foot in the door
⊕ Scriptures that can be used by Musicians â€" they need to mean something to you
⊕ Songwriting that Sells
⊕ Analyzing the Genres, Beats, Techniques
⊕ Creating Your Brand
⊕ Polishing/Refining your Image
⊕ Internet Marketing and More â€" Making it Happen on a limited budget
⊕ The Studio and what it entails
⊕ Distribution Options â€" It’s No Joke: The Costs, Results and Fine Print
⊕ Scoring The Music
⊕ Getting The Music Published

Activity Type: Forum

The subject matter being discussed will include, but not limited to: musicianship, musical technique, musical styling, scoring/writing, copywriting and publishing, how is the internet advancing or depleting your profit margin, etc.

Activity Type: Forum
Moderator: Kevin Bond

The subject matter to be discussed will vary to include, but not limited to: musicianship, musical technique, musical styling, scoring/writing, copywriting and publishing, advantages and disadvantages of the internet, etc.

Activity Type: Concert

a cafe atmosphere where the youth and young adults, as well as the "young-at-heart" can have an entertaining evening of up-and-coming artist in the varied genres of:

⊕ Gospel Rap
⊕ Hip-Hop Gospel (dance or singing)
⊕ Mime
⊕ Gospel Step Ensembles
⊕ Gospel Jazz
⊕ And a plethora of National Artist who are in attendance to the Regional

Activity Type: Extra Curricular
Host(s): Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole & Pastor Hosey

an early morning reflection as registrants walk at 7 a.m., to commune with God and get themselves into "Worship-mode" as the Lord ministers to them and, it is also a portion of the "Stay Healthy" initiative of the National SMAC mindset. This can be accomplished with the participants meeting in front of the hotel or conference facility and walk for 1 to 3 miles in a pre-determined path. This is an activity of the Conference that is near and dear to Dr. Cole's heart.

Activity Type: Extra Curricular

at the opening of each day's session, a designated Preacher, Leader or Prayer Warrior starts out each day's session with fervent prayer. This sets the tone or the atmosphere for the sessions for that day. What a way to start a day but to be in full communion with the Lord Jesus Christ!